provides online Quran class service from SOUTH AFRICA, which is specially designed to provide Quran lessons to children who do not have an Islamic Madrasah in their area or whose parents are not available or are unable to take them to Madrasah. It is also open to adults who because of work or lack of transport to go to Madrasah are deprived of his/her essential knowledge.

learnqurankarim.com makes it easy and accessable for such children or adults to learn Quran recitation in Arabic (the language of the Quran) in the comfort of their own home through Skype.

We have over 10 years of experience of teaching Quran and over 4 years of experience of teaching Quran online. The success rate of learning Quran online through learnqurankarim.com is amazing, because each student receives individual attention and learns at his or her own pace.

learnqurankarim.com ENSURES THAT:

  • Each student is taught the correct Makhaarij (place from where the sound of a letter originates). It is compulsory (Fard) to pronounce each Arabic letter from the correct origin in Qur’aanic recitation, otherwise the meaning of the word and sentence changes and one can be sinful.
  • To read the Quran with the Rules of Tajweed (the Rules of reading the Quran). This is also compulsory.
  • Every student must improve his or her Quran recitation in each session with the assistance of the teacher and  the effort of the student also.
  • Lessons are offered in English, Urdu and Panjabi languages.
  • learnqurankarim.com also imparts extra Islamic (Deeni) knowledge such as etiquettes of Islamic life and the Du’aas (supplications) in the daily life of a Muslim.
  • learnqurankarim.com provides a friendly and comfortable environment to its students.