Rajab 1444, (Jan – Feb 2023)

Online Quran Classes

 Why “Online Quran Classes” are important? As you know things are getting changed rapidly worldwide, especially in this pandemic period due to COVID-19. May Allah Almighty protect us from Coronavirus and all other diseases. Together with many other things education also got affected. This is why students have no other option but to study online in order to continue with their education. Therefore, it is also necessary for those students who want to learn Holy Quran, that they must also continue with their Quran learning. In this difficult time, to Learn Quran Karim Online perfectly becomes very helpful.

 It does not matter if you stay in Canada, USA, Australia, or anywhere, now you or your kids can get Registered and start learning Quran Online anywhere in the world. You can learn Quran in your own time through Zoom or Skype from the comfort of your home. All you need is a PC, a headphone and Skype or Zoom’s software installed on your computer with a broadband internet connection. For more information, please send us your query.

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How It Works?

Learn Quran Online

Who Are We?

 Learn Holy Quran Online with proper rules of Arabic language (Tajweed and Makharij) at learnqurankarim.com, an online Quran academy facilitating students around the glob to learn the Quran Karim while sitting at home. We have started to provide online Quran class service from SOUTH AFRICA, which is specially designed to provide Quran lessons to children (or adults) who do not have an Islamic Madrasah in their area or whose parents are not available or are unable to take them to Madrasa. learnqurankarim.com makes it easy and accessible for such children or adults to learn Quran recitation in Arabic (the language of the Quran) in the comfort of their own home through Skype or Zoom with a reasonable Fee

 We have over 10 years of experience of teaching Quran. Our TEACHERS are qualified and well experienced in teaching Quran. There are many students who completed their Quran by us. We do our WORK with passion therefore the success rate of Learning Quran Online through our experienced teachers is amazing, because our teachers provide individual attention to each student on one-on-one basis.

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Why Choose Us?

  • It is convenient and safe to Learn Quran through internet from any part of world in the comfort of your own home.
  • Our learned teachers are well experienced in teaching online.
  • They teach English speaking students in fluent English language.
  • You will find Passion, Punctuality and Dedication in our work
  • We emphasize on rules of Arabic language (Tajweed) very much so that no student must learn Quran in wrong way.
  • All students find Friendly and comfortable environment during online quran classes.
  • The first 3 lessons are on a trial basis and Free, so you are not obligated to continue. If you are happy and satisfied with our service, you may continue with lessons otherwise you stop.

Some of the Happy Students/Parents

IshfaqHassanMubasharAyoob Khan (EDUMAQ - Educational Consultant)Zakir
Alhamdulillah very happy with the Quran teaching of Qari sahab. A dedicated and noble soul. My children have been learning the Quran over skype from last 3 years and I am very happy to see their progress and understanding of Islam. I recommend learnqurankarim.com to other parents. Wish you all the best. Ameen
As slaam. Dear Muslim brothers, my name is Hassan from Longford Ireland. I am student of learnqurankarim.com for 1 year. My Qari sahb is very nice who is very dedicated. I read in English and it really helps me. Thanks
My name is Mubashar. I am 13 years old and I am a student of learnquranKarim.com I have been learning for about 2 and a half years I have had a very good experience and I am advising you too learn with this Quran teacher too. He is an excellent Quran teacher to learn with. Thanks
Alhamulillah, I just wanted to give a message of hope to parents and students, that online Quran classes are very effective. I have enrolled Zahraa my youngest daughter. she's always looking forward to her online lessons and is learning at a good pace. May Allah grow your establishment from strength to strength and keep you energetic in providing quality Islamic education for the Ummah.
Ayoob Khan (EDUMAQ - Educational Consultant)
South Africa
My name is Zakir from Canada. Qari sahab from learn quran karim is a very good teacher, he walked me through everything until i understood. He is very kind, patient and friendly. I highly recommend him.